What is Ohana Dao!?

What is Ohana Dao!?

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What is Ohana Dao!?
“Feed the Family”

Ohana Dao, is a collective of like-minded
builders, investors and enthusiasts
in the Cryptocurrency-NFT-Web3-Tech space.
“Ohana” in Hawaiian and Japanese language means family.

At Ohana Dao the main emphasis is to “Feed the Family”. Members of the Ohana Dao

network together and curate value for all Dao members.

Why Partner with Ohana Dao?!

Utility and Community are the main reasons to partner with Ohana Dao.
At Ohana Dao we want to take the Community one step further and provide a safe
place for community and utility to come together on the ground floor. We believe this is
an important building block for the future of Web3.
Along with the collective utilities of Ohana Dao, the community members are what make
this special. By connecting community members’ needs to community members’
services and products, and incentivizing these connections we can create a positive and
creative space where any individual can benefit. 
Ohana Dao Communities
In the Ohana Dao Discord each member ecosystem will have access to all curated
Ohana Dao Content. This includes a Directory of Vetted Dao members Products and
Services, cryptocurrency and trading courses, training materials, Collaboration
opportunities, giveaways and access to networking with other builders in the
space. This Community space is in development.
Everything Currency has trading courses and also a private group that curates the next
big crypto gems in the space.
Hi-Mana Studios (Hula Girl NFT)
Our utilities encompass access to Fine Art classes, custom music creation, music
mixing and best making & classes as well as access to discounts at 1000s of retailers.
The Raw Dao

The Raw Dao specializes in helping any business enter the Web3 and Metaverse
Ohana Dao NFTs.
Owning Partnered NFTs will gain you access to all the community channels in Ohana
Current partnered NFTs
-Everything Currency Early adopter NFT & Course NFTs
-HulaGirlNFT (100 Menehunes)
To become A partner NFT contact HulaGirl or EverythingCurrency

The Dao Treasury
Ohana Dao plans to create a treasury Multi-sig wallet that will consist of assets
collected by the community for the community. More information coming soon.
The $Fam Governance Token
Ohana Dao designer Cocktail NFTs by Jacqueline Ford will be rewarded to the most
active and Ohana positive community members.
Different rarities of cocktails represent different values within the community. And can
gain you new roles within Ohana Dao, rewards, merchandise and access to future
How To Become A Ohana Dao Partner or Member..
Ohana Dao Partners 
Ohana Dao Partners are NFTs Projects, Artists and individuals who add to the Ohana
Dao’s utility and/or treasuries on a case to case basis. “Provide Utility to Ohana Dao to
have access to Ohana Dao’s utilities”. As an Ohana Dao Member you can cross
pollinate utilities in a single place.
Contact Hi-Mana Productions for Current Available Utilities.
Ohana Dao Members
Ohana Dao Members are anyone who holds any Ohana Dao Partner Tokens or NFT.
This will grant access to a directory of all products and services that Ohana Dao
members offer. Products and services will be personally vetted and researched by the
Hi-mana Productions team with future plans for Decentralized Dao governance. 
***First Five Member Offer

First Five NFT Projects or artist Partners who join the Ohana Dao will Access the
Ohana Dao Perks for 50 of their holders. Perks at work include discounts to over 30000
businesses including discounts at the movies and theme parks and more!
Beginner Crypto and Trading Course and trading for all holders. ($100 per member
A Founders Introduction to Metaverse Communities in Spatial w/ The Raw Dao.
Cocktail Enables for the community.
More to come TBA